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In an era of dizzying change, high technology, and planned obsolescence, collecting and using restaurant ware is a way of embracing these everyday objects that embody the values of quality and endurance... The cup is the china form with which the user relates most intimately . We actively hold them in our hands, experiencing their feel. We lift them to our lips, repeatedly experiencing their form and decoration up close ... I view this kind of china as mid-century American utilitarian art. -- Steve Aimone
I really can't explain why I find the restaurant coffee cup so compelling; perhaps Prof. Steve Aimone's explanation is the best one. It is an American art form that harkens back to a simpler era; it is a craft to which one relates in a very intimate manner. Moreover, the coffee cup's sturdiness is somehow reflective of the comforting nature of what it contains.

I hope you enjoy my online gallery of vintage restaurant coffee cups.

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